I had lost all hope that recovery was a possibility for me. I had given up. It was
at this bottom that someone told me about Miracle Terrace. I was willing to try
anything. I had been to other treatment centers and sober livings before so I
was not very optimistic. Little did I know that upon entering the doors at Miracle
Terrace I would be given a second chance at alife. Miracle Terrace helped save my
life. It was full of the structure, love, support and friendships I needed when I was
feeling so low and had given up all hope. It was different than other sober livings
I had been in. The people actually cared if I got sober or not and did so in such a
loving, kind way. I also learned more information about the disease than I have
in any of the treatment centers/sober livings I had ever been in. I truly believe I
would not be here today if I would not have found Miracle Terrace. Staying over a
year gave me exactly the foundation I needed for long-term sobriety. Today I am
sober, happy, confident and very grateful to have my life back!

--lisa, 1½ years clean and sober


Miracle Terrace is a proud member of the Sober Living Collation