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Sober Living Houses in Santa Monica

If you’re looking for well established sober living houses in Santa Monica, Miracle Terrace might be the exact type of recovery sober living residence you have been searching for. We’ve been serving the sober living home needs of Santa Monica residents since 2006, and we would love to help you achieve your goal of sobriety too. Contact us today at (866) 908-6888 or (310) 402-7388 to discuss your sober living home needs. Our caring staff are here to serve you!


Miracle Terrace is a proud member of the Sober Living Coalition.


We Provide a Sober Living Home

For those who have gone through a recovery program to treat:


Substance Abuse


Compulsive Behaviors


Chemical Dependence

Resident Testimonials

  • I had lost all hope that recovery was a possibility for me. I had given up. It was at this bottom that someone told me about Miracle Terrace. I was willing to try anything. I had been to other treatment centers and sober livings before so I was not very optimistic. Little did I know that upon entering the doors at Miracle Terrace I would be given a second chance at life. Miracle Terrace helped save my life. It was full of the structure, love, support and friendships I needed when I was feeling so low and had given up all hope. It was different than other sober livings I had been in. The people actually cared if I got sober or not and did so in such a loving, kind way. I also learned more information about the disease than I have in any of the treatment centers/sober livings I had ever been in. I truly believe I would not be here today if I would not have found Miracle Terrace. Staying over a year gave me exactly the foundation I needed for long-term sobriety. Today I am sober, happy, confident and very grateful to have my life back!

    --Lisa, 1½ years clean and sober
  • My 8 months at Miracle Terrace turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile experiences of my life. I arrived feeling completely broken and hopeless, but left with a whole new outlook on life, an amazing support network and some people with whom I am sure I will be lifelong friends. The staff at the house sincerely cares about the well-being of its residents. More times than I can count, Terrie, the manager at Miracle Terrace went above and beyond, just to help guide me through the rough patches on my road to recovery.

    My experience there was overwhelmingly positive and I’d recommend this sober living facility to anyone who genuinely wants to make a major life change.

    --Emily, now 4 ½ years clean and sober
  • Miracle Terrace Sober Living saved my life. I lived there for 2½ years with steadfast support and guidance, learning how to live
    on my own again, SOBER! The house is lovely and dinners were included which were always fantastic! They also provide a real
    sense of family. I will be eternally grateful to Terrie and Isac.

    --Sandy, 2½+ years clean and sober
  • Miracle Terrace is a place of serenity. I stayed there for almost a year and a half as a transition between treatment and going back to living on my own. The set up allowed me to really start to discover who I was when no one was looking, or otherwise my definition of integrity. Terrie runs the house with an iron fist and sense of humor which goes hand in hand with
    having a safe place to get clean and sober. The community aspect of the house is great and you really get a feeling of a home away from home. My decision to move into Miracle Terrace was one of the best things i ever did for myself and I wouldn’t change anything looking back. I really support anyone who is thinking about moving in here; Miracle Terrace assisted
    me with achieving goals in my life that i thought would always just remain dreams. Thank You Terrie!!

  • I could not see myself comfortably living clean and sober anywhere else but Miracle Terrace. The structure was perfect for me because it allowed me to finish college, take care of all the daily errands, keep my relationships with my family alive while I was held accountable for being sober. I stayed here a little over six months and I have made friends with other residents that will stay with me for the future and I have built a relationship with the Manager who is an incredibly strong and intelligent individual that supported me throughout the months that I have stayed here. I went from having no hope to having all the hope in the world
    and Miracle Terrace showed me so much love and support; I`m forever indebted to the staff and to the people I have come across while staying there.


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